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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2005|02:29 pm]
my dad's wife is a bitch.
she snoops through my stuff;

i can't wait till her kid gets to be a little older and she realizes that her method of parenting is going to backfire, horribly.
way to gain trust from your kid,
go through their stuff.

not to mention i'm not her kid,
&she has NO RIGHT to try to be my parent.
julia, when i watch my dad kick the shit out of YOU in that house, then you can call it your house.
but i didn't watch him beat you, i watched him beat my mom.

&i just found out that he called me a lazy slut on the phone with my mom yesterday;
before he even started bitching at me.
even though i went to look for a job yesterday, and i got almost every day &look for a job.
news flash, the economy is not what it used to be, and there are no jobs to be had.
&you're the one who instigated the whole fight yesterday;
there was no need for yelling and screaming,
&you had to jump in where you didn't belong and start bitching.
you're a cunt;
&i don't hope you die, i hope you and my father live long miserable lives together;
which is what it looks like is going to happen.

my dad doesn't even know my favorite color;
how the hell would he know whether or not i'm a slut?
because he found out i had sex one time, now that i'm 18 any way?
this from the guy who knocked up a 15 year old?
do the math, moms birthday is in august, kevin's is in Dec.
she was 15 when she got pregnant.

&it shouldn't be a big deal for some one to tell dads family that they hurt my feelings.
they should find out, say sorry, it won't happen again.
but no, it has to be a huge family fight.
those people are miserable, and they're only worried about appearances.
good to know that they actually care about me.
but they don't, none of you do
you're worried about how i'm going to reflect on you.

do you knwo how many times my dad told me, money is not an issue?
but all of the sudden, he's bitching about having to pay for this and that?
well sorry but i've been paying for gas, food, etc with my graduation money.
so you can both eat a dick.

not to mention that i paid for EVERY THING while i was working at the gym, that includes rent.
because my dad wouldn't pay enough in child support to even cover my sisters gymnastics.

julia, you do not know the whole story,
you didn't watch my dad beat my mom,
you weren't there when the house got trashed &blamed on us while we were trying to move out,
and my mother did not program me at all.
my father did by going psycho on us.
i grew up a hell of a lot faster that you or my father know,
but you wouldn't know because neither of you were there.
my dad asked my mother to pay for him to take us out to dinner the one night a week, [if that]
that he bothered to call us to go do something.
&you flipped out on me, threw a check book at me, for getting upset over it.
you're not a part of my family,
you have no idea the kind of things i went through with that family, and you're a fucking bitch
you just want to start drama.

i think it's funny that your main point is that i'm not an adult,
but who resorted to violence here?
YOU, almost hitting my dad.
HAH, you acted like a 4 year old yesterday;
YOU started the yelling and the hitting.
way to be the parent.
you should never have had a kid, and you shouldn't try to take on any more.
you're an idiot and i think it's funny how miserable you are.
have a nice life.
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2005|11:07 pm]
&i was just thinking...there are a lot of people on my friends list that i don't even know...
so, friends list is getting cleaned out. comment if you think you should be kept---
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2004|12:46 pm]

leave an amusing comment, add me, and i'll probably add you.

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